Is it possible to join a good absolutely FREE dating website, where’s the catch ?

Is it possible to join a good absolutely FREE dating website, where’s the catch ?

Is it possible to join a good absolutely FREE dating website, where’s the catch ?

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Is it possible to join a good absolutely FREE dating website, where’s the catch ?

Is it possible to join a good absolutely FREE dating website, where’s the catch ?

Posted: Sep 03, 2010 |Comments: 0


Free dating ?

We’ve all heard of the phrase “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” or “you get exactly what you pay for” and every culture has an equivalent phrase, even Russia.

Traditionally online dating websites generate their income from charging for services, whether they be the website itself, the bandwith, server charges, programming expenses, hours spent maintaining the site and so on down to letter forwarding, romance tours and all the rest.

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There is no doubt that maintaining a good online dating internet website is extremely time consuming, and top end programming does not come cheap, far from it, when a client presses a single button he is often unaware of the enormous back end development work that has gone into making sure that his one function works right first time. A good website is rightly justified for the cost of these seemingly invisible services and the transaction is straight forward ….we prepare all this for you and you pay us for our trouble.


Yes, as long as the back end programming has been done correctly, a totally free Russian online dating service can make money.

Most free websites on the internet today are able to keep their services totally free to their clients by utilizing one or more of the following :

Google adsense programmes that reward the website owner with a small amount of money for placing “Google ads” on his website, every time a visitor clicks on an advertisement, a small fee is paid, the downside to this is that this one click takes the client away from the original website.
Affiliate marketing offers a website owner a small percentage to place an advertisement on his website, for every re-directed click or sign up for a service as a result of a re-directed click earns the website owner more money. Once again, the downside to this is that this one click takes the client away from the original website.
Independent advertising will often pay to advertise on a website if there are sufficient visitor numbers to make it worthwhile.
A lot of free websites will offer articles to read, often heavily laced with re-directions, highlighted links to move traffic to a paid site, thus generating more income from sign up processes.
Less professional and ethically minded website owners will resort to pop up programming, difficult to get rid off and annoying too, often linked to gambling or porn sites
A long term investor may well suffer the expense of offering a free service, just to build up sufficient visitor numbers that will enable him to charge for the website services, long term investment with an element of risk.

The revenue generated by these programmes is often very small, difficult to maximise and hard work to maintain.

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But to the individual clicking away through the net there is nothing wrong with free dating websites at all, they’ve just taken a different approach to running a business, maybe through lack of capital, lack of programming skills or just pure choice. The end user should view them all, if they have what you’re looking for, where’s the problem…?

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About the Author:

When I met my wife on the internet 7 years go I didn’t follow the usual path of bringing her to my European country, I wanted to understand her background, her views and lifestyle…I moved to Siberia and still live here. The experiences need to be seen to be believed but you can read about them at

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What are the best free dating websites ?
What are good free dating sites?
I want to build a dating website, where there is a monthly fee for people to meet. How do I find out how to do that?

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