Is Frieza from Dragonball Z single?

Question by : Is Frieza from Dragonball Z single?
Im caucassian, 34, and I have a very strong sexual crush on frieza from dragonball z. I find frieza extremely attractive. I spend my days at work fantasizing about Frieza taking me away from my office and into his arms like superman does with Lois lane. I cant get enough of him asleep too, I have wet dreams about him all the time, like I had a dream he was the pope and I was a little Irish lad. Those dreamy cold eyes, the chizled body and man boobs, that gorgeus and huge 😉 tail! Does he have a boyfriend? I would love to be his though!!!!

Tell me what you know and think! Hes a hunk i think he should pose for playboy with those big sexy boobs. Is it normal to be in love with this handsome and great looking fictional character? Is he single?
Just look at those dreamy eyes!

And those big sexy pecs/man boobs and chizled arms!!!

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Answer by Wendy
Is he single hahaha why do you SERIOUSLY think you’ve got a chance with him???

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