internet dating at the world’s best dating community! browse profiles now

internet dating at the world’s best dating community! browse profiles now

internet dating at the world’s best dating community! browse profiles now

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > internet dating at the world’s best dating community! browse profiles now

internet dating at the world’s best dating community! browse profiles now

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Posted: Nov 21, 2009 |Comments: 0
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internet dating classifieds ,and testimonials and internet dating ideas


Hello, to the whole world. We humbly bid you welcome to our internet dating community. We are upgrading features on a weekly basis. We always have new members coming in from all around the world. This is sure to find you the person of your dreams no matter who you are. 502 internet dating has gone global in our attempts to bring the world true and lasting love. We are now advertising in more than one hundred and fifty countries. We have active profiles from one hundred and forty six different countries. These profiles are from single men and single women just like you. They are from all age backgrounds (18 and over) and are from different religious faiths, and from different cultures. We offer you guys all over the planet short term internet dating and long term internet dating profiles. We do this to please a large crowd. Not all members are interested in the short term thing. And  we appreciate this. That’s why we have the simple profile tab, but some folks want   a long term long term relationship. And some singles even want to go further that this, and get a soul mate. That’s why we have the advanced profile tab. This is for people from all over the world that want to find a life partner or want to get married. Our 502 internet dating appeals to people from all walks of life. So were certain that everyone can setup a profile and be loved.  502 internet dating really has some good features. We give single women and single men the capability to add a video to their profile page. They can upload the video from there computer or from there phone. This allows men and women the ability to see what the other person sounds like and gives a brief description of the person’s personality. We also allow you guys to post internet dating   blogs and to feature them. This is the way you can share your thoughts and others that are interested can read them and tell you what they think. We also recently have added a cool new feature. It’s the video messaging system 300. You can instant message people and they can see you from your webcam. This will allow you that warm intimate cozy feeling while chatting with one another. We also have our sites setup where you can rate other members videos, blogs, forums and even add there profile to your favorites. This and many more exciting  internet dating features await you , but most importantly true love is waiting around the corner.  Go ahead and take a leap of faith setup a free profile today. We would love to have you as a new member. And we would bet that many existing members would love your company. Remember folks we have all races and all religious backgrounds. And we are located on all seven continents. And we have internet dating profiles from one hundred forty six countries. This will ensure that when you make the decision to start internet dating we can have someone that you can be very comfortable with. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to you using our internet dating community for all of your singles needs. Please feel free to setup a free profile right away. Please tell all of your single male and single female friends about the worlds best internet dating community, so they can find true and everlasting love just like thousands of others have here on 502 internet dating . By clicking on the next tab at the bottom of this internet dating page you can follow thru and you can browse fifty featured female and fifty featured male internet dating classifieds. Each one will have a link titled internet dating profile so when you see one you like just follow thru the link to his or her profile, where you can send them messages or rate there profiles. Go ahead setup a free profile right away and see who we could match you up with. We just may find you your special dream love. You will be glad you joined 502 internet dating we promise.

Top internet dating clasifieds:

internet dating classified one

Hello men I am Amber this is my internet dating classified I am posting. I want to explain a little about myself. I am very tall six one and weigh one hundred forty eight pounds. I love my self  and others around me. I’m clean and kind and love to laugh. I am using this internet dating community to post my classified in hopes of finding a great guy. My ideal partner should be tall like me blonde and handsome. I prefer him to be clean and well kept. Also education and economical background is crucial to me. I cant down size in social status. I have a lot of hobbies , but my favorite one is of coarse reading. I enjoy this pass time because it exercises the mind and helps me grow as a person. I think a romantic date should include the two of us getting to know each other over dinner and coffee. Nothing to serious first because it’s just the first date and of coarse I’m a real ladie and want the respect of a ladie.

internet dating classified two

Hello guys my name is April I wanted to say first off I love my body it’s a temple. I love life and am a very honest girl. I love to cook and clean. I know I can make a good girlfriend to a good guy. I am very attractive and smart as well. I always try to be funny and get a laugh out of people. I’m looking for short term internet dating I really don’t want anything to serious right at the moment. I just got out of a four year relationship. I need my ideal partner to be a real sweet and romantic gentleman. I want him to be humorous and gentle and some what warm and witty with a genuine grand heart and brave and out spoken personality. I like a guy gentle to the touch but ruff and rugged on the inside. All so I think he should be well educated and have a great career  as well as speak great in social settings. I guess my hobbies would include chess. I love a good mind exercise. I love to get the mental advantage over another person. A romantic date would include my prince charming showing up bearing gifts chocolates and of coarse what girl doesn’t go nuts for those bright red roses. So the red roses is definitely  a must or you will be told to leave and find another date. Want to know anymore about me please follow thru my link titled internet dating and leave me a message I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.

internet dating classified three:  

Hi there guys I am Audrey. I am a short girl at five two I am around one hundred and eight pounds. I love to kid around and cut up. I was  raised in the country and I am single yet again and looking to use this great internet dating community to try to rekindle my love life. I can be a hassle or be your dream girl. To find out what I mean message me. My ideal partner should be tall vibrant and strong minded. I want a guy that isn’t scared of commitment or falling in love. I want a man that will treat me like a princess. My favorite hobbies are board games I always have been a bit of a Milton bradley girl. I love t play board games with guys. I don’t know why I just do. It also makes for a fun and very coy date night when you cant afford a real date. A romantic date idea would be us holding hands walking in the park. Or maybe watching the sun fade away in that big blue sky siting by the docks.

internet dating classified four

What is up fellows? I’m Alice I try to keep my life stress free. I have two daughters ages nine and twelve. I am a single parent and expect the guy I am internet dating to be understanding of this sensitive matter. I am a police officer and love my work my job is third shift. Can you work around all of this is what’s coming to my mind? If you can I’ll make it worth your while. I have a lot of free time in the evening due to the fact that I sleep in the morning.

 guess my ideal partner would be witty and charming and considerate of me and my two girl’s  needs. He should be professional in the work force. And a big coffee drinker is a plus. Above all I need him