Independent Study – Art ?

Question by snowWhiteonCrack: Independent Study – Art ?

im in 11th grade, and am currently taking art as an elective .. i have been taking art for almost 4 years in my high school life :P,

and my art teacher approached me today to recommend that I do independent study instead of doing the projects that he usually assigns to the others in my art class..

the thing is, ive never done this kind of thing before, and even my art teacher didn’t explain independent studies properly to me, and im the only one in his class that’s doing it –

can somebody please tell me more of what it exactly is about?

i just know that i need to set up different deadlines and an outline for the teacher to see so that i can get my ‘independent’ project done during class, while the others are working on the assigned project …

some ideas that i have:

– use mixed media on A3 canvas
– topic: dreams and sleep (maybe narcolepsy? i thought it was a strange but interesting topic that i can be creative with on my project.. lots of colours and things 🙂

do you have any recommendations as to what i should/can do?

any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Answer by jac the hat
You need a theme to last you all year something open so maybe a title like before and beyond dreams so that you can explore anything you want to do. I would then probably embark on a journey of self discovery though this metaphor because you will undoubtedly get there eventually as your art is always about yourself. I would play – be free – pick up whatever you are drawn to and don’t over think yourself let the art come first spontaneously and write notes about the experience later – I know they tell you to prepare first and you can do that but loosely allow for some creative mistakes which will take you to your next step – Above all enjoy what you are doing your tutor has given you the gift of freedom be free make plenty of mistakes and learn – our dreams are our freedom When ever you get stuck juts ask yourself what is this like? What is a metaphor for this stuckness at this time and follow that link – If you are open there will always be a next step waiting . let the metaphor tellyou at every level what media to use – Its like following one of those treaure chases films the clues are there and become revealed by the art that you make

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