I’m In Like With You.

I’m In Like With You.
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Image by Rob Boudon
Who has tried out this new site I’m In Like With You? Probably not many of you since they’re letting people in through their gates slowly. As of right now you can only join via invitation. I get the impression that if there were too many people on the site that it would be even slower than it already is. And yes, it’s very sloooow.

"So what is it?" You ask? It’s a site for people to meet other people and possibly hook up. But, for you to meet someone you have to win their "game." Ah, the games young lovers play. You start a game by asking a question and everyone else bids using the currency of the land to answer your question. When your game is over you choose a winner. You can choose the best answer given or you can look through the profiles of the players and choose the cutest person there, whatever.

For a better desciption of what this site is all about watch my buddy, Action Girl tell it like it is on her show Dating Gone Wrong.

Sooo will this site stand the test of time? Who knows? So far, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with some cute gals including this one. Rawr! Actually, we mostly talked about Xbox 360 and Guitar Hero but that’s cool just the same.

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