I’m currently dating someone online, we’ve fixed the time to meet up. Now here comes the problem, Help!?

Question by Ms Iris: I’m currently dating someone online, we’ve fixed the time to meet up. Now here comes the problem, Help!?
We know each other from an online dating site 3 months ago, there were some struggle between us, as the long distance problem, we’re not even in the same time zone. But things going better. we keep contacting daily, share secrets, show lots affection on each other, we’ve even fixed time to meet up next year; (maybe i’m over thinking of it, but he uses “we” sometimes instead of “I” when phrasing, it could mean something serious.while in the other hand, it could also be one of guys tricks, to convince girls that they have a future.)

Both of us are not teenager btw, but he hasn’t had any long term relationship before, as he’s kinda shy, childish and there’s less woman in his workplace. (I’m helping on enhancing his self-confidence on women, I’d say. I don’t mind to offer my affection and compliments.)

The problem now, I just found out he still checks the dating site often without telling me of course. ( I visit the site is because i got msg from other guys, but I don’t feel any interest in them) and he changed his description to a better version today. What should I do, to point it out? To keep my mouth shut? I do need some constructive suggestions, better from guys! Thank you!
* He pays the bill for visiting me, he saved enough money for that as I know.

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Answer by Cookie
Well maybe he’s thinking the same thing about you: “Omg she goes on that dating site all the time… I only go on because I get msgs from other girls, but I don’t like them so its okay….”

I have alot of experience with online dating, and I have a boyfriend for a year now (real life relationship)….

My best advice is: HE’S NOT YOURS UNTIL HE’S YOURS.

Until then, don’t get so hung up about him + other girls talking or checking up date sites… it’s natural for all people to be curious and keep trying to find options for themselves.

Once you two do get hooked up, then it should stop. Until then, its normal.

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