I’m a 24yr old women of three who is in the middle of a divorce.?

Question by ANNA: I’m a 24yr old women of three who is in the middle of a divorce.?
Okay so just some questions, I am a good looking, loving and godly woman of 3 great children. I married quickly and I was in love but didn’t think of anything other than that. So long story short we are getting divorced. Question for the woman who have been in or are goin through similar situations. How did you get through it and if you have gotton throung it how is the outcome??
Question for the men, Is there good, godly men out there who are willing to date a divorced woman of 3? Would personality, values and attraction weigh out over the “divorced mother”? Can a divorced mom really find that guy who is right for her? please help me out I am going through a dificult time right now and just need support and truth. Thank you for responding.

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Answer by Marina D
You will find someone else. I was on my own with two kids for eight years. I had plenty of dates and eventually found the guy I’m married to now.

Being single can be an empowering time in your life. You figure out that you can do it on your own if you need to. So, you start to look for what you really want in a partner because you know you don’t have to settle.

Good luck.

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