I think its smart for women and men (especially wealthy) to not let there lover be a SAHM’s? here’s why…?

Question by G Walk: I think its smart for women and men (especially wealthy) to not let there lover be a SAHM’s? here’s why…?
Both parents get equal time with the kids. It’ll give relief and support money wise and raise baby wise. Women get to keep there career they fought hard for. Men work less so he can see/hang with family more. Both income of the parent can easily get babysitter (when they want to go on a date)and or daycare for the baby. The kid will develop friends and social skills quicker. When in school the kid can go to after school daycare and or tutoring after school. Retirement will come quicker and there will be more money. Less pressure for mom to be Mrs. Clean raise baby and Cook it up lady,because men should equally help since they both had a long day at WORK. Men only pay child support in divorce. Women still has a career after divorce. More vacations. More support less reliability. Parents take turns after work to take child to after activities. Married Women and Men get to have more time to chill with buddies. men dont feel a little left out in raising their kid . What do you think ?
Just make sure your kid goes to a good school and daycare . The kid will be fine. Just raise them with good values
If one spouses is a low earn should both be working? Why is SAHM even the conversation. If yall both make good money than you can afford daycare for 2 yrs or whatever until they can go to school.

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Answer by Tracey
That’s all very fine if both partners are professionals and high-earners.

I pay $ 15,000 per year in daycare for one child. For two children, it would probably be in excess of $ 25,000 to $ 30,000. If one of the parents is a low earner (no college education, for example), it doesn’t make any sense to pay out this kind of money for child care when he or she could be staying home with the child.

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