I dont Know what to do concerning this divorce?

Question by wisam: I dont Know what to do concerning this divorce?
I have been married for 5 years and have a daughter that is 3 years old , I am really confused because I cant let go of my husband although I know that he doesnt care about me enough to stay in this marriage , I come from a middle eastern country where a divorced women is viewed as a low creature …i dont have major issues with my husband but my problem is that he listens to his father , who dictates his life for him , he seldom has any say in his decisions although they effect me more than they effect him , his father does not express his dislike of me although it is apparent and my husband is in complete denial of this !!! he always uses the pretext that his father is sick and he has to do what he says , eventhough it leads my daughter to live away from her father , I know that he doesnt deserve us but I am in love with and I think that things between us would be better if he didnt have a father …please help me I m going through a very bad time what can help me adjust
I have already left him what I need is help in adjusting to my new situation , my daughter does not eat and she is very grouchy and asks for her father
his loyalty to his father never bothered me and it still doesnt but its his father’s interference in my life , even in my work , which is bothering me it is one thing to let your husband control the things you do or want to do , but to have his father do it for him ? even if I do live in the Middle East

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Answer by Let love be your guide
Nothing can help you adjust, you are married to a mouse, not a man, men have strength of character, they do not act like mice in front of their fathers. He is weak, pathetic, useless and abusive, and you have low self esteem!!!

It is time for you to become the strong one and stop being used, divorce is not good, but then again it is totally against God to stay around and be abused and used. Your happiness is most important and you will never be happy in this life, and why is your daughter not the most important part of your life, if she was you would have left a long time ago, your daughter will see you as weak and pathetic unless you get some self esteem and strength of character. Stop being a door mat, stop being walked all over, if he wants a divorce, then tell him okay, be strong and let him know you are strong, you are being abused and used and you are allowing it.

Grow up!!!

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