I discovered his online dating profile and now I’m turned off by him?

Question by Gena r: I discovered his online dating profile and now I’m turned off by him?
I’ve been seeing a guy for nearly 3 months. We agreed to be exclusive 6 weeks ago. We call each other bf and gf and he said that he has told me everything and he doesn’t want any lies or secrets between us.
I thought we have gone into that great place where we can trust and enjoy our relationship without wondering where we stand.
My single friend was showing me her online site last night and while perusing the guys within our age range in our area, (and having a few laughs) i found a profile for my man! It said he was on there within the last 3 weeks. I felt sick and humiliated to see him on there, especially since we have been exclusive for longer than the time he was last on.
I texted him last night and didn’t mention it, but I subtly mentioned something that he said in his profile, hoping that if he just forgot about the site, he might be reminded and take it down.
Well, he has now been on there in the last 24 hrs. but his profile is still up.
I’m too upset to talk to him right now and have not returned the text he sent me this morning.
The thing is, I know it’s still new, I know he’s taking a huge step being exclusive with me, and it doens’t seem like he spends much time on the site, and he’s with me nearly everyday, but I feel now, completely turned off by him. it’s weird, it’s like seeing his picture on there and reading what he said, knowing that he deceived me in some way makes me not want to see him, or even be in the same room. I don’t want to make a fuss and try to tell him what to do, like get off that site! etc. but at this moment, i don’t even want to see him at all!! The thought of even hugging him kind of gives me the creeps. Yikes!!! What do I do now? This is horrible, I thought I found someone really important and now I’m totally confused. He’s going to start wondering what’s up in a few hours. I always return his messages…what should I do??!!

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Answer by Sharon T
Probably nothing. You need some space right now. If he inquires you can be honest with him. Ask him to give you a little time to digest this information.

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