How to work things out with your new art agent ?

Question by David Kilika: How to work things out with your new art agent ?
I have been approach by someone who is willing to be my art agent and frankly, its great news, but I never worked with an agent before and I have many questions, I hope someone can help me out a little,here we go :

What exactly should a art agent do for the artist ? What make a good agent outside contact ? What percentage of the sell should the agent ask for ? Does this change if its sold directly or in a gallery ? When selling prints, should this percentage change ?

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Answer by Beloved One
I don’t have time to go into a lot of it, but as an agent the best advice I can give is to ask for COMPLETE list of past and present clients, not just their success stories. And then call them individually and ask them how much the agent actually sold. many agents aren’t worth their salt and will not work or advertise for clients, but are more than happy to take the percentage- when you find a good agent you’ll know because they’ll sell things and you’ll make more with them than without

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