How to show in Art Galleries?

Question by Samantha T: How to show in Art Galleries?
I have some personal art that I would like to show at an art gallery, but I do not know how. I have a complete portfolio of all my works too. I’ve also made business cards. This is my first approach at showing at an art gallery though. I’ve been to the gallery and it is a really nice place with a lot of nice pieces. It is one of those folk art galleries that will accept any piece as long as it is good. How do I go about showing in the gallery?

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Answer by tetrismaster5
well you could try getting your foot in the door by put asking to put your art in ice cream parlors or comic book conventions anywhere that will hang up your art even if it isn’t an actual gallery it will help you get noticed and maybe they will ask for references you can use people such as the people you allowed to hang your art and that might help you out

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