How to report and handle online sex predator?

Question by ying y: How to report and handle online sex predator?
I recently experienced a man from online dating website that I discovered to be a sex predator who travels around our country to get innocent, naive women that he met online to have sex with him. He would tell all of us that he loves us and we are the most special person to him and get us to have sex with him once we meet him. Usually because he travels around so he has scattered victims all over the country and as far as South America and Middle East that he travels to. So far 9 women in our country have been the victims and the list is still growing. Most of these women don’t dare to report him and I don’t know what to do because he is still online getting the guillable women. He called and threaten me to stop distributing information about him. How i knew about this is because one day he was careless to leave his gmail mailbox open and I discovered his secrets and was shocked. So I set out to warn the women that he was meeting and using. So far 9 women including me are not in contact with him anymore but we try to warn the women that have contact with him in our country. Nothing personal at all. This is a dangerous man and I don’t know how many more have been his sex slave in real life. Help me.

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Answer by Chris
contact dateline nbc and ask for a person named chris hansen

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