How to Make People Laugh – Online Dating Chat and Singles Tips

How to Make People Laugh – Online Dating Chat and Singles Tips

How to Make People Laugh – Online Dating Chat and Singles Tips

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How to Make People Laugh – Online Dating Chat and Singles Tips

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Posted: Aug 14, 2008 |Comments: 2
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Girls and guys love funny people.  Ever met a person at a party who appears to always have people wanting to sit near them and to be in their company?  We all love a laugh and an easy going, laid back partner who doesn’t put others down is just great at the dinner table.  But what about when online dating?  Is it enough simply to be funny?  Its certainly a start…

Laughing and making other people laugh is a big asset in life.  Laughing produces good hormones in the body that help people feel more positive, healthier and even tolerant of others.  Even though naturally funny people exist, making someone laugh is a skill that can be taught.
Real life stories are funnier than made up ones.
Great comedians draw heavily on their actual life experiences, so the joke is on themselves rather than on other people, drawing focus on little details that may have appeared insignificant and showing other people an insight regarding the workings of their mind.  As we can relate to the actual aspects of the story, the entire joke appears believable and the humor in it comes across genuine.  Comedians who are well known for this type of comedy include Billy Connolly, arguably the funniest scot alive.

Repetition, saying the same thing several times can cause it to become humorous.  Sounds unbelievable?  Sometimes pushing a joke beyond the boundaries works.

Misdirection.  A style many comedians  apply is misdirection.  This means they include a story that goes in a totally different direction to that that was expected.  Groucho Marx would use this technique. The basis behind this is that when the listener knows what is going to occur then it won’t be funny however by catching them by surprise, their mind can see the funny side.  Chevy Chase often uses this tactic with his joke telling.

Escalation is another different technique to be humorous.  This means that the story begins in a sensible, predictable way and then escalates into the very funny.  You add more and more funny dialogue until the listener begins cracking up in laughter.

Understatement is when you make an important topic seem really trivial.
Reversal means moving the story around so that it refers to the incorrect noun – like “residents dangerous to local dogs”

The error many of us make when trying to be humorous is to try to be funny non stop.  They end up sounding idiotic and embarrass themselves.  The answer to humor is to inject it into a story.  It is sometimes someone who is usually fairly straight, that comes across really funny when they throw in several random lines to a conversation or who then tell a really clever tale of their lives.

The main difference online is that you need to count on the content or context to display humor – sarcasm, unless you know the person does not work very well online.

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