How to Find Friends with Adult friend finder

How to Find Friends with Adult friend finder

How to Find Friends with Adult friend finder

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > How to Find Friends with Adult friend finder

How to Find Friends with Adult friend finder

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Posted: Sep 27, 2010 |Comments: 0



Today whenever we think of dating we see a couple seating together hugging and kissing each other, but this concept is totally wrong as dating virtually means “a social activity where in two or more people in romantic relationship come together to spend some quality time”. While dating its not necessary that you have to be in relationship with each other or you have to be in love with each other, two entirely different people from different communities and different cultures may also come together in order to know each other and to taste whether this new mate has that; something, to indulge in a relationship.


Today the concept of adult dating has changed tremendously with internet being available 24/7 which brings the horizon together and opens the doors to this immense world of opportunities. You have online dating sites available to find a partner, otherwise you also have social networking sites to find a partner and if you are not really an internet savvy there are other friends who want you to go out on dating hence pass on your reference to their friends. Today when you are out earning hard money its become more difficult to interact with family and friends regularly but you always have option of internet and social networking sites to keep in touch with your friends and in a glance you may ask your friend about a woman/man whom you liked in his/her  friend list. Once you get the details rest is automatically done because ‘fishes are never taught how to swim’.


There are some online sites which are dedicated to dating like adult friend finder, someone for everyone, searching 4 dating, adult dating etc as there are numerous sites which provide such facilities. Most of the dating sites are paid and some are free. Authenticity of these sites can’t be commented on because looking at what adult friend finder is offering; you can say that they are not dating sites but sites where escort girls are looking for clients.


Dating is a totally different concept than romance it’s a social activity where you have a feeling to meet your opposite sex not merely for romance but for friendship to spend some time with, someone on whom you can rely on. If all these factors are perfect then there is chance to develop a relationship of any kind. Dating is something which has to be remembered for longer time not a mere one night stand. If you are a member of any dating sites you have a luxury to choose from the different profiles and naturally when you want to have a quality partner you search accordingly who can meet your expectations and once you have found someone you can share your email ID or phone number with each other, starting casually by talking on vague subjects you try to imagine the persona of your partner and when you decide to meet you go on with your best presentable attire and presenting yourself as best as you can because first impression always lingers in his/ her mind. When you really feel comfortable with each other you may start liking each others company which might turn in to long term relationship. If you are not comfortable with each other it is always advisable to part ways quickly and always as friends.


Altogether we can say that Dating is a process which everyone wants to try out once in a regular time span, some are lucky to get ideal partners and some are lucky to get experience for next dates. Whatever the reason and result be; dating is must to keep the mind healthy and live your life to fullest.

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My best friend Amy said that a serious relationship with me could ruin our friendship and she couldent date me, but we had sex any-way, how do I get her for keeps?
I was talking to a guy I met on a dating site who seems to like me and is a total sweetheart. we chat online almost everyday, but I sent him a message today and he suddenly. What should I do?
I’m kind of offended that all this man seems to remember about me after our first date is that I looked good, smelled good and felt good when we danced. Am I right to assume he only wants sex here?

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Sep 27, 2010

How to Get Women to Want You – Tips to Make a Woman Want to Date You