How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes With Writing An Online Dating Profile

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes With Writing An Online Dating Profile

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes With Writing An Online Dating Profile

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes With Writing An Online Dating Profile

How To Avoid The Most Common Mistakes With Writing An Online Dating Profile

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Posted: Jun 28, 2010 |Comments: 0




You didn’t throw your money away when you signed up for your online dating service, but you probably made some serious errors when you built your profile – serious enough that you’re just getting ignored.
Let’s take another look at your profile and fix some of the biggest or most common errors you have probably made:
Mistake #1: Does Your Online Dating Profile Read Like It Was Written by a Caveman for Cavemen?
How does you profile communicate? This is the first step, Bucko. You’ve got to talk in a way a woman appreciates or it’s all downhill from here. Most men are pretty straight forward. They think in terms of facts and truths. “I’m a happy guy.” “I like to have fun.” “I like funny women.”
Sparse sentences come across as, well, sparse. They make no impression. Think about it, a woman doesn’t want a series of little factoids. That’s yawn city. A woman wants to know the spirit, the man wrapped around those facts; not the facts themselves. That’s where a thing called personality comes into play; show it off.
The Fix: When you’re writing your online dating profile, be explicit with little snippets from your life that give her some insight as to how you operate. You’ve got a sensitive side: “I love camping. Once I had a campsite next to a roaring waterfall. There I took refreshing swims and caught plump fish.” Dig? You’ve told her so much more about yourself than, “I like to go camping.”
Mistake #2: Don’t Spoil the Profile with a Spoiled Picture.
Look very critically at your portrait before you post it. Many guys use an old office organization chart picture. Eyes half-closed and tie askew. Please don’t. Even if your eyes are wide and your tie’s neat.
Body parts are are really horrible to put in a photo. You might have some great abs or pecs, but that’s not all you’re about. Is it? She’ll get to see those soon enough. Leave something to the imagination.
The Fix: Don’t settle for any old snapshot – get a nice shot of yourself. You could opt for a professionally done portrait, but that’s not necessary. Use that shot of you fishing on your favorite stream. Or some other activity you’ve described in your profile.
Mistake #3: What’s In a Name?
One of the most important things to consider is figuring a name to match yourself. Don’t do something drab like “Robert1985”. And don’t do pitiful names such as “Searching4U” or “LetsGo4It”.
The Fix: You need something memorable and interesting, just like yourself, such as “Gears&Guitars” if you’re into hot cars and hot rock. An overtly sexual user name is, once again, a little pathetic. But a name that could be taken one of two ways might work. For instance, you could get away with “AnimalLover” if you work at an animal shelter or you just love pets.
Whether you’re starting fresh or revamping your online dating profile, these caveats should help you get the response you’re looking for.
It’s within the realm of possibilities that your profile could get you a first response before you do anything.


If this information was helpful for you and you’d like to learn even more ways to increase your success with online dating, check out writing an online dating profile and online profile secrets.



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Brian Broderick
About the Author:

Brian Broderick used to be a shy “nice guy” that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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Jun 28, 2010

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