How To Approach Women In Bars – Art Of Approaching

How To Approach Women In Bars – Art Of Approaching

How To Approach Women In Bars – Art Of Approaching

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Home Page > Relationships > How To Approach Women In Bars – Art Of Approaching

How To Approach Women In Bars – Art Of Approaching

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Posted: Jan 29, 2010 |Comments: 0


If you are a guy, you may have asked yourself this question at least once in your life – how to approach women in bars. Is it easier for you if the woman is alone as compared to her being with a group of friends? What about you? Do you prefer to have your friends around too when you approach her or do you operate better on your own?

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Well, if you’re the type of guy who prefers to have a wing man around, then by all means, choose a wing man who has had some measure of success with women. Do not get an inexperienced one because you are bound to mess things up big time or worse yet, he’ll probably mess it up for you.

Having a wing man has its advantages, especially if you are new to dating and approaching women. Your wing man can show you the ropes and help you out if you are stuck in the rut. On the other hand, make sure that your chosen wing man is not interested in the same girls as you are, or else, he will be competing with you for the same girls. The two of you have to be very clear about your objectives from the very start, that is, you can’t be both hitting at the same girl.

It is also important to consider your physical appearance before you approach any woman. It would be good to take note of the way you dress. Ensure that you are always dressed neatly. You need not be garbed in designer labels, but it is always important to look neat and pleasant.

More than just appearances, the attitude that you project when you approach women also matters. Smile and look friendly. Be a gentleman and respect any woman that you approach.

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Ella Burton
About the Author:

This author writes about “>How To Meet Single Women and Art Of Approaching.


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