How safe is online dating?

Question by Sam, Vice President of the YAA: How safe is online dating?
I met this guy on the internet four months ago (through YM) and two months ago – we started dating. We’re really close, but a lot of my friends are wary of our relationship – which brings me to ask, how safe is online dating? And what can be done to make sure that it’s safe?

I love him a lot though, and I do not doubt a single moment with him. He’s been pretty truthful with me and I know I can trust him, but this is just a general question. BTW, we’re meeting in September and I can’t wait. =)
I’ll be meeting him with friends too. =)
I’ve seen him and no, he doesn’t push for any personal information. In fact, I’m the one who’s pushing for personal info so I know I’m not dating a fake… LOL! =P But that was ages ago. We’re fine as it is now. =)

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Answer by hot chick
Its safe read som e online dating tips on this site

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