How much should I charge for art work?

Question by peachie*madness: How much should I charge for art work?
I’m just starting out in my art career and i have not sold any of my work before. After recently winning three art awards I was approached my one of my school administrators who is interested in hiring me to replicate a black and white portrait of a woman and a man in front of a house. The job includes enlarging the photo from like 3×6 inches to 8×10 inches and replicating it in graphite or charcoal. there ain’t to many supplies involved, just a lot of time. how much should i charge?
If you can’t read the question than please DONT RESPOND.
The key part of my question is that I have been offered a job and want to know specifically to that job what to charge. THERE IS NO MARKET in my situation.

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Answer by Aaron Omar G
let the market decide. Put a price that seems reasonable to you first and see how people react to it. No buyers, price is too high for the value of the work. A ton of buyers, price is either too low for the value of the work or your really good. Good luck

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