How is the dating scene in London?

Question by Ivy League Kid: How is the dating scene in London?
I am planning to study abroad in London and I was wondering how the dating scene is in London. Is the British culture like the American fratty college attitude of hooking up or is there more of a relationship attitude in London?
Are British women open to dating American guys? well I am not your stereotypical caucasian white male American. I am an Indo-American(as in from India, not native American)

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Answer by Confused by different memories
Well I think guys are almost all the same from everywhere.
Chances are as it is a well big city with many many ppl.
Guys are quiet open sometimes way too much and come out pushy.
You can try some dating sites still, a loads of ppl have singed up to them sites these days.
You never know wot you are gona find uno.

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