How has Facebook Changed the Concept of Friends

How has Facebook Changed the Concept of Friends

How has Facebook Changed the Concept of Friends

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Home Page > Relationships > How has Facebook Changed the Concept of Friends

How has Facebook Changed the Concept of Friends

Posted: Jun 27, 2011 |Comments: 0


The true concept of friend comes with the feelings of closeness, trust and respect.  The emotional bonding present in the relationship is what makes people become friends.  A friend is someone whom you know well and someone you are very close to not just a stranger whom you met in a strange place or a person who wrote you an e-mail and introduced herself as so and so from a place that is thousand miles away. 

When the internet was invented and social networking became a convenient way to find friends online, everything about friendship has changed.  The concept of friends became just another word and the emotional attachment has been disregarded and set aside. Friends in facebook mean a user who accepts your invitation as a friend online regardless of emotional attachments and knowledge about the person.  

Facebook is now the most popular social networking site online where people of all ages, status and from all corners of the world socialize and find friends.  Your friends in Facebook could be the President of the United States of America if he has a Facebook account; Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, or any celebrity from all corners of the world.  You can call someone you have just added as a friend in your Facebook account as a friend despite the distance between you and the truth that you don’t know who that person is.  You are both strangers to each other but you call each other friend.


A friend in Facebook is far different from your true friend whom you talk to and whom you want to share the joys and pains in life.  Your true friend is someone you can invite for dinner at home or to a beach party.  Your friends are like family members because of your close bonding.  In Facebook, you can invite your friends too for dinner, parties, shopping or anything but only through the internet.  You can have fun playing games and sharing anything you want but the closeness that you have with your true friends are lacking.

Your friends are people around the community you live.  They could be neighbors or co-workers.  You can talk to them anytime you want and you can hold hands together and hug each other in times of happy times and bad times.  You know their names and where they live.  You know them well just like you know your relatives.  Your Facebook friends are people from all corners of the world.  They could be honest people or they could be liars.  You can never be sure if the names of your friends in Facebook are really their names or they are invented names.  While there are honest people who are also true friends in Facebook, the concept of friend through social networking is different.

Facebook has changed the concept of friend by introducing social networking online to accommodate people from all corners of the world who want to have fun interacting with different types of people. 


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Lyz Lumawig
About the Author:

My name is Lisa Gayagay and I love to write about anything under the sun.  While I am not a native English, I believe i could write as well as the other writers around the world.  I cannot say that I am an expert but I am learning so many things as i keep writing everyday.

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