How effective is marriage counseling anyway?

Question by seriously: How effective is marriage counseling anyway?
don’t you think that if a relationship gets to the point where a third party needs to get involved in order for the couple to communicate, then the relationship is already dead in the water?
My husband likes to keep our arguments or disagreements between us and not let others get involved in our business.

Has anyone here ever gone through marriage counseling and then came out with a stronger marriage?
Or do you think it’s a scam that plays on people’s emotions and last hopes for relationships that are already over?

What are some key things that you do in your relationship to keep communication open and effective?

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Answer by Grey
I have not ever gone to marriage counseling, but my parents have.

They still fight over and over again and I don’t think it works very well. Maybe its just the counselor they go to, but sometimes it even results in more fights, because they don’t want me and my sister to know they attend counseling.

In my opinion, its a scam. Its just caused all of us more pain.

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