How do you assess Christian online dating services? Good way 2 weigh folk up B4 U agree 2 meet up? How best 2?

Question by WonderWye: How do you assess Christian online dating services? Good way 2 weigh folk up B4 U agree 2 meet up? How best 2?
Christian Dating vs. Other Dating Services

Spiritual Maturity Assessment. Spiritual Gifts Inventory. Discipleship Requirements … our free online Christian dating advice services and relationship builder
Safety Dating Tips for Christian Singles ” Christian-Dating-Service-PLUS
… you’ve decided to try Online Christian Personals. Great! Now let’s talk about safety dating tips to keep you … Christian girlfriend to assess the dating …… – Cached

First Date Do’s and Don’t’s ” Christian-Dating-Service-PLUS
… date with someone you met though one of the online dating services can be fun and exciting, but also a little … date is to assess whether there is enough – Cached

Some online dating services have found religion
… and hobbies, Christian singles use
Don’t y’all think that, as there are more folk who live alone than live in families – UK & USA – that it’s a Christian thing to communicate & make friends online?

I’m 60 & very happily enjoying my freedom to serve Christ & experience the moment-by-moment adventure that is

I’m also ex-3 years running cahmpoin team martial artist – yahoo who first beat Japan in World Karate championships

Who led that UK team?

Liverpool Sensei Enoeda

But many women alone are afraid to go out

Is it Christlike to leave them in fear & despair? run Unite each Mon 10am-noon

I’ll today join several Christian online dating services under kinda like my old stage name & make it clear that ‘1 of U will rout 1000: 2 of U, 10,000’

& that I’m not just seeking a highly compatible & local life partner, but have global vision, love email & ‘net forums & have wide tastes & interests, inc songwriting, precinct preaching, Christian TV/radio & long walks

be blest !!!

Gotta go here 6.30pm:-

The Lightouse, Anfield Temple of Praise, L6 see

Home > Calendar

Line dancing
Date : 11th June 2008
Time : 18:30 – 20:00

Description : It is pure unadulterated fun for everyone, whatever your age or …

Whoever you are, you’ll fit in and you’ll have a great time!
Anyone hear

http://The 9-9.30am – Sky *771 hot new book debate?

Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

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Authors Paul David Tripp and Timothy S. Lane identify the deeper issues that drive a wide range of beliefs and behaviors that keep relationships less than they are designed to be…

See – I’m sure they said @ a FREE copy??
Try this fun quiz test
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What do ya think, guys?

Is Yest & James bluffin’ @ this:-

Why did i always go to since the first time i has seen him there?
may be it is my intuition. Thats it:, which takes its love shovel and digs a whole lot … is the first, largest and most successful millionaire … i always remembered the first time i saw him we chatted everything we could talk about such as life fashion,love……
2 months ago

I tried each of the Christian sites named in here so far &each & every one seems to have some kinda technical hitch: I’ll check again later, but I don’t think my stage name comes up in any?

So, am I gald that, at 60, I’m past really caring -I’m so happy on my own that I joined – who just happened to dens me a free offer

Am I wrong to use that site to witness?

I’m genuine @ being a typical Scouse/ NW-UK warm, friendly guy

& I feel The Bg Party @ Hope St on Sat is just too good a chance not to ask em
Just a few hoursa ago, I joined under kinda like my old stage name (in profile)

Headline: “Richer han Croesus as a son of Almighty Creator/Savior”

(as in Isaiah 12 – – as I explain there, in course of showing all those poor millionaires that true riches are spiritual & greed etc destroys

What do you think @ how a 60-yr-old can witness to the young & foolish before more end up the way of AmyWinehouse & Britney Spears?

I do urge folk there to prayfor those 2

& to ask there questions @ Man’s Majer’s Manual

& why I’m 100% sure that this is the climax generation of all history

& why so many top MSc/PhD folk see so much evidence of Intelligent Design – from micro-biology to astronomy – that they reject their atheist brainwashing

See the many learned articles, mags, books, CDs, DVDs & MP3s @

Best answer:

Answer by Dark Divinity
Online dating is a good place to meet creepy people and other weirdos…it doesn’t matter if it’s a “Christian” site or not.

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