How do I make friends with other Sohmores that already have friends?

Question by Amanda Blahblah: How do I make friends with other Sohmores that already have friends?
I’m new to a school and I really don’t know how to talk to these new people, and I really don’t like the school. How can I make friends with people? I’ve only made one friend and I only see her one day, so I sit alone at lunch and don’t talk to anybody the other day. I’m a bit shy…So I need some help. But I’m not a pimply ugly teen! I’m acually kinda pretty…But I have friends that I left and now have none, help!

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Answer by Anele
Aw, well just try to talk to people. I’ve been through the same thing and while it’s certainly hard to change schools, it really will be a great opportunity to reinvent yourself. The most important thing is to talk to people, even if it’s not something you normally do. Talk to the kids in your classes. Don’t worry about fitting in, just try to take a genuine interest in other people and they will be attracted to you. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there a little bit too… As for lunch time, ask a nice classmate which lunch period they have. Don’t make it a question like, “Can I sit with you at lunch?” Just assume they’d want to sit with you; ask them where they sit in the cafeteria so you can find them. And add everyone nice you meet to your Facebook Video Chat Rounds and say hola when you seem them online. 🙂

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