How do I deal with the fact that I’ll probably always be single?

Question by Wheep Wheep Piggy Feet: How do I deal with the fact that I’ll probably always be single?
I’m so afraid that I’m never gonna be happy!

I would like to have a boyfriend. I would like to share my life with someone who loves me too much to ever leave me or abandon me or cheat on me. But I worry that the chances of that ever happening are slim, possibly zero. I know that I need to just get over it but I feel so sad. I sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself but I’m actually really loving and caring.

The problem is that I have a different sexual orientation than most people. I’m completely straight… but instead of being attracted to guys of my own country and ethnicity… I’m attracted to Hispanic guys!

I’m a USA-ian and Floridian and I have Irish and some Spanish (European Spaniard) and French and Welsh ancestry. My ancestors have been in USA for nearly one thousand years.

I’m not trying to be mean but I’m not attracted to American white guys. I know that there are plenty of good decent ones, and I have loads of friends who are American white guys! But I’m just not attracted to them, in the same way that I’m not attracted to other girls. I like lesbians as people but the thought of kissing another girl turns me off! I feel the same way about white American guys.

I’ve been told that Mexican guys are ALWAYS going to prefer latinas and that they would never take a shite, USA-ian girl seriously as a girlfriend. I’m NOT racist, I despise racism and I have loads of Mexican friends. The problem is, the nice decent Mexican guys always marry girl from their own culture. There are good and bad and every race, the good ones just aren’t attracted to us. Mexican guys aren’t attracted to white American women at all; the nice ones marry their own kind and the ones that DO marry or date white American women always seem to have ulterior motives. But the chances of a Mexican guy loving me and taking me seriously as a gf and being faithful to me are really slim. The ones that are loving, faithful, decent, etc. ALWAYS marry girls from their own country. There are good ones… they just don’t seem to want us.

One of my closest friends is Mexican and he says that this isn’t true. He’s a good friend, and he’s brilliant but I feel confused because everything I see and observe makes me feel really discouraged.

I’m really sorry if I’ve offended anyone… I mean no offense at all.

Everyone tells me that I haven’t me the “right” American guy yet but I KNOW my own heart. That’s like saying that I’m really a lesbian and just haven’t met the right girl. I’m just not attracted to American men!

I’ve been in love, truly in love, ONCE in my life. When I studied abroad in Mexico… I became close friends, then fell for, a guy in one of my college classes.

He abandoned me for a girl from his culture (who is a LOT more sexually promiscuous than me) and I found out that he was just pretending to like me because he wanted to have sex with me and he assumed that I would be easy to seduce.

This is what frustrates the hell out of me… I’m 31 years old and I’m at the age where it’s creepy and weird to still be a virgin. But I’ve never had sex with anyone, male or female. I never did plan on saving sex for marriage but I vowed I’d wait to have sex until I met someone who mutually loved me and took me very seriously, in other words, I’d have to be REALLY serious with someone.

What frustrates the hell out of me is that no one will take me seriously as a girlfriend because I’m from USA and they assume that I’m an easy slut!!! That just kills me because I’ve waited 31 years to have sex and still waiting and it’s all because I want to wait for true love.

I am feeling so sad. I wish and wish that there were a magic spell that could change my race, but I realize I’m just gonna have to deal with being single. I feel like nothing in the world will fill this void and I’m so lonely.

If you say, “You’ll find the right American guy” you’re wrong. I’m NOT racist, I just am not attracted to them. I like black hair and dark skin and eyes and guys that like to be romantic and loving and like to hold you and cuddle. I think that US culture is cold. I’m not puting USA down; it’s just a different culture.

ALL Latin guys, and even most white Anglo-Saxons, seem to prefer latinas.

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