How can you if someone is really interested through online dating?

Question by Punky_B: How can you if someone is really interested through online dating?
Just a little rundown of the situation: I met this guy on facebook who attends the same college as myself. Due to my taking a break this semester, i’m not currently in town so we correspond through messages, texting, email, etc..I am really starting to develop a deeper interest in him but I really can’t tell if the feelings are mutual.

Now my question is how can you tell if someone is really into you online? By saying that I mean that since today many aspects of our lives are dealt with through technology and with dating being one of them, how can you tell if you truly have someones interest? When I google things such as “is he interested” or “how to tell if he likes you” I get results that only deal with the physical, but what about us online daters? What are some ways or little hints that we can know someone is really interested in us? Are there any certain things we should be looking for?

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Answer by waterlily
Does this guy reach out and contact you first, or are you the one always messaging him? Does he go out of his way to send you little things – like funny sayings or joke emails? If you’re always the one putting out the effort and trying to maintain the relationship, I would say he probably doesn’t have more than friendly feelings for you.

What you need to do at this point is take it offline. Meet him in person somewhere for something…coffee, drinks, what have you. You’ll be able to tell much better when you’re sitting face to face.

A lot of the articles online about “how to tell if he likes you” are written for women…so they’re mostly interested in telling you what you want to hear so you’ll find it helpful and keep reading more articles. I’m a female, but one site I’ve found particularly helpful is Ask Men. It’s a website for guys, but their articles are much more direct and to the point without the flowery language or cute little sayings. They have articles on that site about how to take online dating offline, and how to be safe while doing it.

I think you won’t really know how interested he is until you hang out with him in person. If you suggest this, and he’s not game, well then you already have your answer right there. If he says yes, you at least know he’s moderately interested.

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