How can I get people interested in speed dating?

Question by alabamababy13: How can I get people interested in speed dating?
I’m a speed dating coordinator in Oklahoma City for and it seems darn near impossible to get people to sign up for my parties, especially men over 40 and women under 30. I have a limited budget to do advertising with and I need some creative advertising ideas.

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Answer by Aowyn07
Make the details of what goes on very clear & understandable from a far off perspective.. Don’t make people actually take the initiative to look into it in order to figure out what it’s all about, because most people won’t.

I think a lot of people just have a very vague idea of what it is…

After watching 40 Year Old Virgin, I’d do it if I wasn’t with someone. It sounds stupid, but it looks like it could be a lot of fun. (I know the movie probably embellished it.. it gave me some insight on what’s involved though.)

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