How an Explosive New ebook is Helping Men Attract More Women on Online Dating Sites.


The Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men

(PRWEB) June 14, 2010

An explosive new book aims to give men the ultimate guide to attracting more women on Online Dating Sites.

Currently in the United States alone there are over 50 million people looking for love on Online Dating sites, and just under half of them are men. Online Dating has transformed the way men and women meet today into a completely different and often misunderstood and unknown virtual interaction. While in the real world most men have at the very least a vague understanding of the rituals involved in attracting, meeting and eventually dating women, few have any such understanding of what it takes to do the same in cyber space.

Now a revolutionary new help book has been released to shine a light into the mysterious world of Online Dating. Written specifically for guys The Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men will blow the lid of what exactly is going on, on the other side of that email chain, or that IM conversation, and explain just where men get it so wrong online.

Based on unique research the book is a fascinating study of the game of Online Dating and an invaluable guide to exactly what it takes to win it. Written in language that is straight out of the locker room this is a no holds bared, politically incorrect journey onto the field of dating in cyberspace. It outlines just how men and women are often misinterpreting one another and misreading signals that would be obvious and clear if they were happening in a bar or club. Flirting online has its’ own language, protocols and also opportunities that to a large extent are still widely unknown by both sides.

Men believe that women’s experiences online reflects their own and vice versa, which is just not the case. Indeed a lot of the frustration and disappointment that guys go through on Online Dating sites are to a large part due to a misunderstanding of the male/female dynamic on such sites. In a nutshell this dynamic can be summarised as, “men send the emails and women receive them”. Guys are unaware of the shear volume of email traffic women get online, and how for many of them it is simply impossible to physically read each and every contact they receive.

Essentially many men are playing blind in a game where they don’t know the rules and don’t understand the opponent or in fact what their ultimate game plan should be. This is why the publisher’s of this book, The Playbook Company, have chosen this topic to launch they’re new series of help books designed specifically for men.

Based on the Playbook concept these books are going to give men their own piece of the self help isle. Written in language that could be straight from any good Coaches mouth and about topics that effect men today, these Playbooks are a unique take on the self help and beginners guide books available on the market today. Each book approaches it’s topic as you might a championship football game, outlined in detail set moves, strategies and plays that are designed by experts and proven to work. These Playbooks not only tell the reader what to do, they also show them how to do it!

Available exclusively from The Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men is out now!