Has anyone tried online dating and was successful in finding the right guy or girl for you?

Question by melfinagirl: Has anyone tried online dating and was successful in finding the right guy or girl for you?
Im still a basic member on two sites that i like but im a little sceptical about trust and getting to know him from just a site. How did it go for full users?

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Answer by Simon
Hi there,

Online dating services is getting more and more popular in the Internet world. In fact, many people worldwide, are members of various online dating services. Statistically, there are more than 40 million singles in the U.S. alone that have tried online dating sites to find romance.

While it is a great and fun way to find friends, dates, lovers and even marriage, there is risks. There are many scammers out there, that just want to steal your money or to get your email address. In my experience they go after new members… most dating sites show when you joined.

The most common trick is the visa and ticket scam. Basically it is a scam, where a attractive female from Russia, Ukraine or African countries like Ghana and Nigeria contacts a lonely foreign man. “She” quickly falls in love with him and shortly after announcing her “deep feelings” for him “she” begins to plan her travel to meet the guy in person.

Now the money issues start. She will now ask for help to get the necessary documents like visa and passport. When the guy agrees to that, she pretends to get it and next she will ask for money to ticket and travel expenses. She sends a copy of the visa (fake, of course) and the guy really has no other choice than to send more money.

Of course they will never meet. The scam will go on as long as the guy agrees to send money to her. She will come up with all kind of stories and reasons to send more money.

I got one of the craziest stories from a scammer myself… lol. I was scammed like this the first time I joined a dating site over 5 years ago and this is my own experience. It is a little embarrassing for me to admit, but I fell for it and it cost me some money. After that I did some research and got acquainted with some scammers on purpose just to see how they work.

Here are some warning signs to be aware of:

It’s too good to be true – You just signed up on a dating site and and haven’t even finished your profile and you get email from a very attractive woman.

The woman asks for your email address or ask to you write to her private email in the first letter.

She has posted her location on her profile to be from your region, but in her letter she tells you a story about why she is in Ghana or Nigeria now…

Any person asking for money, for whatever reason – Do not send money to anybody for any reason.

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