Guy GETS CAUGHT SoulJa Boy-ing and FLIPS out!!!

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from class? Dance the SOULJA BOY!!! He doesn’t know this has been posted on YouTube! Hurry before it gets taken down!!! ScReWtAPe SaYs: LiKe SomEThINg??? SaY SomEtHing!!! LeAvE A CoMmEnT — HoW ElsE WoulD ThEy KnoW WhAt youR ThiNKinG??? ReSpOnCe ViDeOs WeLCoME!!! CoMe OnE CoMe ALL!!! No ReStrIctIons!!! AuToMatIcALLY APpRoVed!!! iF YoU LikE A ViDeO, DoN’T KeEp It To YoUrsELF – PaSS It FoRWaRd!!! MaYBe YoU’ll MakE SoMeOne SmILE!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5