Golden Eagle on the GULL

Golden Eagle on the GULL
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Picture of my Golden Eagle featured on the cover story of Golden Gate Audubon Society March 2010 newsletter. Also in the same issue are Ganesh’s Eurasion Wigeon and Harjeet Singh’s Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Golden Gate Audubon Society has been making huge efforts in reducing the bird mortality rates caused by the Wind turbines near Altamont Pass. Given the unwillingness of wind companies to relocate their turbines to new avian safe location, GGAS efforts in the last couple of years has resulted in replacing their much dangerous old turbine models with the less harmful new turbines (a process dubbed "repowering the wind turbines")

Here is an excerpt from the article..
"To date, researchers have published reports from monitoring at two repowered sites in the Altamont Pass and found that total avian mortality was reduced by approximately 77 percent at one site and 89 percent at another.

However, these studies indicate that the new turbines may result in higher mortality for Golden Eagles and bats. Dr. Smallwood and others state the Golden Eagle and bat mortality may be reduced if the turbines are located in the proper sites (that is, with lower risks of collisions) and operated in a manner that makes them safer for wildlife."

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