Giving foreign ‘affairs’ a new meaning

Giving foreign ‘affairs’ a new meaning
A bureaucrat behaved so badly at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada last year, the list of inappropriate websites visited via government workstation is “too large to print in full.”
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Rihanna Undresses Her Boy Desires, “Men Are Like Hunters, They Like To Chase”
Risque pop singer Rihanna has opened up about what she looks for in a man and warns possible heartthrob hopefuls on what bores her in the new Cosmopolitan magazine. [Visit for more information]

Google explains Gaia Theory: A butterfly flaps its wings …
Sarah Hunter strikes again Google’s Sarah Hunter is utterly, completely our favourite policy lobbyist in the UK. She’s a gift who can’t stop giving. Lord Derry Irvine’s god-daughter was on Blair’s personal staff, and was formerly No.10 policy advisor for culture. She gave top media and telecoms people an education at a Westminster Forum conference today.…
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