GIRLS!! Art of the approach……..?

Question by adsetra: GIRLS!! Art of the approach……..?
Lets say a guy was to approach you…what type of things do girls look for and react to in someone they just met?????
….the above question was for somebody you at least knew…..what about a cold approach?

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Answer by Mickey
well….if a guy was to ask me out i would want him to do this:

Guy: hey________ i just wanted to tell you that i think you are the smartest, funnest, prettiest girl i have ever met…and i would really like to get to know you better. do you want to go out with me sometime?

Girl: *melts* of corse!!!

i asked all of my girlfriends if some guy came up to you and said that would you say yes?? and all of them said that even if he was really weird and gross that would at least go out on one date with him!!! the trick is to tell her all that things you love about her! you have got to like her for her and that’s what we girls want to here!! don’t tell her you just like her cuz she is pretty….it’s nice to add that in but don’t make it the main attraction. if you do this it is a shure fire to a say yes!

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