Getting in Shape for singles in tennis? (high school)?

Question by Matakil: Getting in Shape for singles in tennis? (high school)?
Well tennis season starts up in two months, and i wanna make third singles varsity. I’m badly out of shape right now, and i know i gotta get into pretty good shape to make an impact since it is singles. So how do i train my body to get into shape for matches? Should i just get a running schedule going and increase my distance every week? Can some type of fitness person or tennis player help me out here please? thank you.

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Answer by justin!
hey om getting ready for my season to. I started running like a week ago. Run a mile like 2 times a week, for the first couple runs, run in a slow jog, then gradually go faster and faster. I run on a treadmeal so, i know haw fast im going. And do some sprints back and forth, those really help alot.

Dont forget to work out your shoulders and stuff up there, it helps with power

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