Free Marriage Counseling “Help Guide” Now Available from FMC Directory


Free Marriage Counseling “Help Guide” Now Available from FMC Directory

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 24, 2009

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory is now offering a free “help guide” delivered via email to anyone who wants it, and visitors can request it simply by going to

The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory (FMC Directory for short) was started in the Fall of 2003 by Chris Hartwell, MSW, with the purpose of making it easier for people to find therapists in the US through major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. At the time, very few websites for therapists were showing up for popular searches like “marriage counseling,” “family counseling,” “couples counseling,” and more. This is where The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory filled its niche and accomplished the task it set out to – “within months we were at the top of Google’s search results for ‘marriage counseling’ and we’ve stayed there ever since,” says Chris. “We’ve become one of the most popular sites on the web for people to locate a therapist nearby, and we’ve been doing it for over 5 years straight now.”

The “Help Guide” available through is a natural complement to the other helpful resources for people looking for marriage advice. “First and foremost,” states Chris, “our goal is to get those looking for help connected to licensed therapists. I realize that not everyone’s ready for therapy when they initially find us though, and that’s the main reason we offer the different self-help products and articles that are available through our website.”

The Help Guide was created with two main purposes:

1. To give visitors a list of the most respected resources available for couples in crisis. This is sent in an email and as a PDF attachment once the visitor confirms their email address. It contains a list of directories provided by professional licensing bodies, self-help programs, as well as social media sites for support.

2. To give visitors some of the best marriage advice submitted to our website from professional counselors and therapists over the years in an easy to follow format. After the visitor requests the Help Guide, they will receive a new article each week that was written to help couples in crisis. The series alternates between articles written by professional therapists, and “Self Help Spotlights” that cover some of the unique self help programs available for marriages.

Visitors who sign up for the “Help Guide” get it free of charge and can unsubscribe at any time. Since the guide was started a few months ago, there are already over 250 visitors who have requested it and benefit from remaining on the list.

The information is very helpful and can serve a number of different purposes:

    The Help Guide can be reprinted and distributed by healthcare agencies and professionals as long as proper attribution is kept intact so that people know where it came from, and so that any links in digital copies are accurate and take visitors to the appropriate website.
    The information can be used by individuals to find practitioners and resources they are seeking, and individuals can gain helpful insight from the articles written by professional therapists.
    Professional therapists can submit articles to The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory in order to add to the available information and possibly have their work published through the list along with proper credit given to the author.
Chris goes on to say, “We’ve had over a half million unique visitors in the past year come to our website looking for help, and this Help Guide we’ve created is just another way to reach out to them. Best of all, we know that it if they haven’t seen a therapist yet for marriage counseling, or done some type of self-help program, that when they decide to, they’ll know where to turn. Counseling is a powerful tool for helping us create change in our lives.”

With the current state of our nation’s economy, the cost of marriage counseling is prohibitive for many couples, so free marriage counseling tools and advice can come in handy now more than ever before. While these resources should not be a substitute for professional help when it is needed, they can be a helpful adjunct. The FMC Directory takes extra care to ensure that these types of tools and information get put in front of those who need them. For more information, visit


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