Four-run first enough for Weaver, Angels

Four-run first enough for Weaver, Angels
SEATTLE – Jered Weaver must have felt like a hungry man walking into a room and finding the table already set with a full-course dinner.The Angels scored four runs before Weaver even took the mound Tuesday night – a fraction more than the average support he has received for every nine innings….
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Big Book of Cleveland: The Sports
Nothing builds body and spirit like conquest. Hillary had his mountain, but what’s your fame and fortune? Northeast Ohio offers an endless supply of epic and entertaining ways to feed your competitive nature — even if you’re just competing against that lazy voice in your head.
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Joss Stone: 10 things you need to know about the singer
1) Born on the 11 April 1987 in Dover, Joss left school aged sixteen with three GCSE’s which she puts down to her dyslexia. “It wasn’t that I was stupid. I’m just a little bit dyslexic and I wasn’t very academic. I’m more artistic”, she said.
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