For What It’s Worth: The dot com affair

For What It’s Worth: The dot com affair
When I was a young, single woman, there was no such thing as Internet dating services. If you weren’t lucky enough to have met your mate in your church, school or neighborhood, or at your first job, you were left to seek him out elsewhere. The boring blind date, dances with 10 women to every man, or subjecting yourself to the often humiliating atmosphere of single bars and clubs were options.
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Safe @ Home: Online baiting
There’s a potential danger lurking in your home. I’m talking about the computer. This seemingly harmless piece of equipment can have devastating consequences.
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Shoppers are Saving Thousands of Dollars with the New My Shopping Genie Web App, Free Online Price Comparison Software
As seen on CNN, My Shopping Genie is an innovative, free, safe app that saves shoppers money by getting them the best bargains on the Internet in the least time. Evidently, people want to save money and time and or make money with My Shopping Genie as a business, which accounts for its viral spread. Sixty four percent of shoppers compare prices online before buying.
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