Fitness Ball 4 Life Promo

Fitness Ball Fun, Leona Lewis, Footprints in the Sand, go 2 to buy fitness ball videos! Fitness ball training 4 life, shape your body and feel younger. 56 great exercises available on dvd, cd or direct download, scott mcteer, austin, texas Why Fitness Ball Training? Imo, the Fitness Ball is the best piece of exercise equipment ever invented! The Fitness Ball is 3-dimensional and is pure functional fitness. It will improve athletic performance, stretch and shape your body and dramatically improve your functional strength, endurance & stability! Older folks will feel younger! All ages & fitness Levels! For each Level there are 12 lower-body-core exercises & 12 upper-body-core exercises. These exercises can exist as a stand-alone resistance training program or can be integrated into an existing program. DownLoad Videos & CDs are QuickTime mpeg4 format; download latest version of Quicktime (free). There are 3 videos for each level. DVDs are 720HD Video! The long video in each set has audio instruction, slow motion & pics (watch at least once in its entirety). The clips & pics videos for each level are shorter & allow you quick access to exercises while you work out. My Background? For 16 yrs I played tournament tennis, #2 singles & #1 doubles at Duke University, Top 500 on ATP Tour, 250+ tournaments For 7 yrs I was a Teaching Pro & Director of Tennis at Loehr-Groppel-Etcheberry Sport Science in Tampa, Florida. I coached and traveled with 4 pro tennis players.
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