Exit Strategies For Online Dating Disasters!

Exit Strategies For Online Dating Disasters!

Exit Strategies For Online Dating Disasters!

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Home Page > Relationships > Exit Strategies For Online Dating Disasters!

Exit Strategies For Online Dating Disasters!

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Posted: Oct 24, 2010 |Comments: 0


Has your online dating friend turned out to be nothing like what you were expecting when you finally met for the first time? If you have decided to take your love hunt online, rule number one – always have an exit strategy ready in case of a first date disaster.

Giving your new friend the brush off is never going to be easy, nevertheless you can take measures to cushion the blow. Rejection is one of the fastest ways to destroy one’s self esteem, which can take many weeks or months to recover from. So if you find yourself on a first date and that elusive “click” is not evident you have no option but to finalize the date and it’s time to be cruel, but kind.

The easiest way to avoid a first date catastrophe is to date intelligently in the first place. Although you may have accumulated various friends through your online dating Sydney website, be extremely particular with whom you choose to meet in person. Stop a first date tragedy before it’s too late. Use as many resources as you can to verify your friend is the same person that attracted you to their dating profile in the first place.

The beauty with online dating is that you’re allowed to be ruthless to a certain degree. The pain caused by on online rejection doesn’t even come close compared to a real life face to face rejection. Online dating provides a bottomless pool of online fish in the sea, so it’s much easier to get dumped online, the online dating revolving door is relentless – when one door closes, another opens.

Try saying something like “It’s been great meeting you but I’ll keep looking at some other profiles thanks “. Then simply do not respond to their communications. Making up self-justifications and fake apologies can just leave the other person hanging on – some people can be slower than others.

When someone does gain your interest, check out his/her Face Book page so you can look at more photos of that person and get a further gauge of their personality. Chat with them online in a real time chat session, preferably with a video cam so you can assess them physical and mentally. As you become further acquainted take steps to verify their authenticity by asking to call your new friend at work, or ask for their home phone number – if they are reluctant to hand it out, they are probably married.

In the end, the most useful and gracious way of giving your internet dating friend the brush off is to use a little tactfulness and honesty. Too much tactfulness, however, and he or she might not get the hint. Try to be up front in a positive way that doesn’t demoralize them. Keep it simple, to the point, then move on.

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Matt Fuller works in the online dating industry. Matt’s website offers free online dating Sydney and includes singles chat rooms. Visit the site for more dating resources and relationship articles.


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