Excerpt From David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating

Excerpt From David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating

Here are a few tips direct from David DeAngelo’s, “Double Your Dating”.   “Double Your Dating” is the recommended guide for men looking to improve their dating life and dating skills.  Here are some things you’ll learn from Double Your Dating.  This is the book where the “cocky, funny” approach originated from.

Here are a few tips directly from Double Your Dating:

Tip#1: Begin taking a positive mindset and talking to yourself in a positive way.  This is a key issue that David DeAngelo talks about, you cannot improve yourself while not having an optimistic attitude.  David feels strongly that if you cannot get out of a negative mindset you’ll be trapped in your reality forever and you cannot improve yourself.  The most important thing you must do to change your discover Double Your Dating.

Tip #3:  Tease women.

This is where the “cocky and funny” approach comes in.  You must remember to not put girls on a high pedestal and remember that they are just people also.  Tease women in a playful way.  If a girl asks you to hand her something, start giving it to her only to pull it away at the last second.  This keeps the mood fun and shows that you aren’t putting her on a high pedestal. 

Tip #4:  Don’t argue about everything.  Do not argue when on a date.  Not arguing gives her the impression that none of the small stuff faze you. If you are talking about your work, don’t argue about how much you hate it.

Don’t argue and you’ll look more in control of any situation which goes with being confident when on a date.  Stay upbeat during your date not allowing things to rattle you.  Use these tips the next time you are on a date to help you get the girl you want!

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