Error message I get when importing “real world” video

Error message I get when importing “real world” video
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This isn’t the source of the audio/video sync problem. It means that my SD300 video setting captures video at a non-standard audio sampling rate and that camtasia up samples it. The result is that the audio is slightly different from original. I sound like I have a lisp.

Anyway, after some time on the phone chatting with a Camtasia support geek – no wait time, BTW. The possible source of the problem:

All multi-media in windows is based on something called "direct x" and I may not have the most up-to-date direct x installed. Also, need to have the most recent video driver for my video card.

The fix: Reinstall direct x and video card driver. Went through that exercise. Created a very short clip combing real world video and screen capture – and exported as quicktime and flash. The problem didn’t occur.

Went back to my original movie and the original clip, and tried to import it again and there were all sorts of synch problems. The file must have gotten corrupted?

Also, according to Camtasia support geek, if I use the PIP and one of those eyeball cams — I won’t experience the problem. I’m not sure I believe him. I don’t think it is worth gambling 0 for one of those cameras.

I also had him view my first screen cast and I got to ask a bunch of questions re: video scaling in the capture and rendering – vis a vis file and quality.