Eric’s bad movies: Only the Strong (1993)

Eric’s bad movies: Only the Strong (1993)
Almost every movie about martial arts has focused on karate or kung fu. Meanwhile, enthusiasts of capoeira, the graceful system of fight-dancing from Brazil, are frustrated. “When will our peculiar method of sort of beating each other up while also sort of dancing gain a foothold in Hollywood??” the …

29. Arizona Cardinals: Will Their Losing Streak End Before the 2010 Season Does?
The Arizona Cardinals have lost seven games in a row dating back to late October, and their last win is an even more distant memory thanks to the fact that it came right before the bye week that launched their current skid. Where to start with the Cardinals? Well, they don’t have an NFL quarterback, which in turn neutralizes the talents of their best player, Larry Fitzgerald. They have no …
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Hemmings family ‘torn to shreds’
The family of ‘good Samaritan’ Austin Hemmings has been “torn to shreds” by his murder, a court heard today.Pauesi Leofa Brown, 47, was today sentenced to a minimum of 16 years imprisonment for the murder of Mr Hemmings in September…
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