Efforts Of One U.S. Wound Care Specialist Helping Drive Major Change In China’s Chronic Wound Care Practices


PORTLAND, Oregon (PRWEB) October 19, 2005

Dr. Bruce L. Gibbins, PhD, founder of medical device company AcryMed in Portland, Oregon is spearheading a medical education effort in China. In a country where medical advances have taken enormous leaps over the past few decades, treatment of chronic wounds remains woefully behind. That is all rapidly changing, thanks in part to Gibbins. Now, hundreds of doctors are learning about the latest advancements in wound and burn care and they have responded with a recent announcement of plans to create a state-of-the-art wound care institute.

Earlier this week Gibbins returned to China – his third visit in the past twelve months – this time accompanied by a small team of physicians and nurses who are practicing wound care experts in the U.S. The team toured a number of hospitals in four major cities, participated in a Chinese Diabetic Association conference in Beijing, and provided first-of-its kind hands-on training to hundreds of doctors who came to learn from these experts.

The training focused on the treatment of chronic wounds: persistent lesions such as those often associated with diabetic ulcers, pressure sores and venous leg ulcers.

Gibbins’ original mission was simply to sell AcryMed’s advanced wound care products into this potentially lucrative market. After gaining government permission to do so and signing up and training a local marketing partner, he found the tough work was just beginning. As his representative in China began interacting with local doctors, Gibbins began receiving e-mails from Chinese physicians asking for advice regarding individual patient concerns.

“Each week I would get a dozen or more e-mails — complete with photographs of burn and wound patients – from Chinese doctors looking for assistance,” said Gibbins. “It quickly became clear to me that training and education in advanced wound care techniques was a necessary first step in saving hundreds of thousands of lives.”

Gibbins explained that over the past 25 years, the worldwide medical community has made enormous advances in its knowledge and technology concerning chronic wound care. Much of this information is so new that advanced wound care techniques are just now changing traditional treatments here in the United States. And while China has some of the top trained doctors and best-equipped hospitals in the world, chronic wound care has taken a second priority. Thanks to efforts spearheaded by Gibbins, this is changing.

The enormous response that Gibbins and the U.S. medical team have received by Chinese doctors interested in learning from them reflects the success of Gibbins efforts to date. In direct response to these efforts, the Chinese recently announced plans to build a world-class wound care institute in Guangzhou, a city located North West of Hong Kong at the mouth of the Pearl River. The new institute will serve as a training center and hospital for chronic wound care treatment.

For more information about Dr. Bruce Gibbins or his company AcryMed, visit www.AcryMed.com.

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