Double Your Difference: CN Miracle Match

Double Your Difference: CN Miracle Match
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CN Miracle Match

About CN Miracle Match

CN Miracle Match is a national charitable initiative designed to rally communities across Canada behind a very worthy cause – supporting Children’s Hospitals. At CN we pledge to help maximize local fundraising through our CN Miracle Match program where together we can help Canada’s leading healthcare facilities treat more children.

Every year prior to the CN Canadian Women’s Open, CN will select a new children’s hospital as the official charity and beneficiary of the CN Miracle Match program. To date, children’s hospital foundations from London, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary have all benefitted from this special initiative and over .5 million has been donated to these foundations over the past four years.

Donors who contribute to the CN Miracle Match program during the giving period will have their amount matched by CN. This rare fundraising initiative exponentially increases the impact of each donation and provides donors with a chance to double their difference.

The legacy left in the previous 4 communities shows the difference the CN Miracle Match can make as over .5 million has been left behind for children’s hospitals since 2006.

Note: The above is taken directly from the website.