Double Your Dating – Improve Your Chances of Getting Women of Your Dreams

Double Your Dating – Improve Your Chances of Getting Women of Your Dreams

Many men look at beautiful women and secretly wish that they had the looks or the riches to be able to woo them. A vast majority of men do not try to approach a woman they are interested in dating for fears of rejection. Many fail to be able to pick the woman they are eyeing as they have followed the wrong approach in trying. For all such men who have failed at dating, there comes an ebook called Double Your Dating that is bound to help you improve your approach and land you with enough dates with chicks of any kind.

The book Double Your Dating is written by David DeAngelo in the year 2001 and this was created as a personal diary initially to improve his chances at getting girls out on dates. He then circulated his findings among his friends and later wrote a second edition to the book in the year 2005 which is the current ebook that is available to you.

Although Double Your Dating is only about 90 pages long, it is filled with information that is gold to people who wish to have success in the dating scene. The ebook is well structured and divided into various chapters and makes for interesting reading as the author presents every aspect of the book in a straight and casual tone.

Double Your Dating begins with a chapter that covers basically the way in which the mind of women work and how best your knowledge about the functioning of the female mind can be used to fetch some gains to your benefit.

In the next part, Double Your Dating deals with the way in which men should be communicating with women. This forms an important and very good learning experience for people who often do many mistakes in the way in which they communicate with women. The part also deals with the necessity of having a good sense of humor when it comes to communication with women as the author states that this is one of the most important qualities one should develop. David discusses about how body language that communicates the confidence level of the individual plays an important role during communication.

The second part of Double Your Dating also deals with the ways in which a person can build up an irresistible personality that is totally not dependent on the looks or the status of the individual. This part also deals with aspects like developing skills of flirting with women and learning the art of attraction.

The final part of the ebook deals with the way in which one can improve their chances for meeting women and how to go about making a start and how to conduct oneself during the initial encounter. The best part of the book is that there are some activity instructions one needs to follow after every part of the book that helps in sizzling down fears associated with dating and to improve the level of experience one needs in gaining more confidence.

Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo comes to you at an irresistible and cheap price of .99, a price for which you are also provided some bonuses like three booklets named Sex Secrets, Bridges – How to Go from one Step to the Next and The 8 Personality Types that Naturally Attract Women that adds more information and improves your knowledge on various issues. You are also provided a 4 CD pack containing his interview series known as Interviews with Dating Gurus.

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