“double your dating” for slightly under 18?

Question by Harry: “double your dating” for slightly under 18?
Before any ignorant do-gooders come on and tell me to concetrate on school or some stupid $ hit like that (I’m doing fine in school and on my way to a small scholarship)I’m telling you now,go away.I do find myself with that empty feeling cuz I’ve never been with a woman/girl and I am shy and uncomfortable around them.judging by other’s answers on here that I’ve seen,the book works.But I still have 9 months before I’m 18 and I’d like to not spend them alone.Does anyone know any ways I can get it without people finding out.It’s not that my parents would disapprove,but I’m embarassed.If I can’t get the book than can someone(who has read the book) just give me the bare essentials of what I need to know to start talking to women?
I apoligize if I came off as arrogant and long winded.I am merely sick of people giving my questions answer that are worthless.

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Answer by jameswilliamlong
So…. your a gay?


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