Does Online Dating Work? Get That Question Answered Right Now

Does Online Dating Work? Get That Question Answered Right Now

As a man, you might ask yourself, “Does online dating work?” I tend to think that men are luckier than women when it comes to online dating. It seems to me that there are more women than men online looking for “the one.” So that makes for a variety of pickings for us men. We can afford to be choosy, which gives us the upper hand. Sometimes, we get to juggle two and three women online. But what about the guys that struggle online to get a date? Why is this so? I’ll tell you why you’re struggling and give you some tips on how to have more success online.

To answer the question, “Does online dating work?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” But you have to get your game right. What does that mean?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Your profile will either make you or break you. It all starts with your picture. Make sure your picture does not look like a mug shot. That’s the number one turnoff for a woman. I’ve even split tested my own ads. I put a picture up of me with a picture taken of me by professional photographers and one of me taken by one of my friends. Hands down, the professional photo got more hits. Need I say more?

Jazz Up Your Profile

Now don’t get me wrong guys, I know I used to lie big time in my profile. I’m not talking little white lies. I’m talking about tales so tall, it made the Jolly Green Giant look like a midget! Needless to say, when I got busted in my lies, the girl would be totally turned off by my lies. So when I say “jazz up your profile,” I mean play up all that’s good about you. So for instance, if you’re good at foreign languages, go ahead and add that in your profile. If you’ve recently travelled, say that you love to travel. You don’t have to say you went to Disney Land necessarily. The fact that you went still qualifies you as having “travelled.” Don’t be ashamed to say you like classical music if you really do. Women love a well-rounded guy.

Make The Date Happen

My biggest mistake in online dating used to be that I would take forever to ask the girl out. I would go back and forth with emails asking her how her day was, what the weather was like, everything but ask her out! These women soon poofed! They literally stopped answering my emails. Why? They wanted me to ask them out on a date! So I learned that within the first couple of emails, ask her out.

Where to Go on the First Date

I find the best first date should be for coffee. I don’t like going for drinks because bars tend to be noisy. Coffee is neutral and is much better than going out for dinner on the first date. My experience is that if I ask her to coffee and there’s no chemistry or she looks worse in person than her profile picture (because she lied big time), then I don’t have to sit through a two hour dinner being nauseated by her.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll have success with online dating. Then when someone asks you, “Does online dating work?” you can say with confidence, “Yes!”

Are you still asking yourself, ” does online dating work?”

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