Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

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Home Page > Relationships > Marriage > Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does Marriage Counseling Work?

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Posted: Jul 27, 2007 |Comments: 0
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Often, there are many crucial questions that are being asked about marriage counseling, like this particular question “does marriage counseling work?” Lot of people try and approach marriage counselors, when they perceive that there is a real problem in their marriage. Couples who are undergoing and experiencing marital upheavals and problems need an immediate solution to their problem. It is estimated that as high as 20% of couples in the North American continent face severe marital discord and relationship problems. It is also estimated that hundreds of couples look for marriage counseling as an escape route to solve their problems. Does marriage counseling work in the real sense? Yes! To some extent it is providing good results!

Before you ask a dicey question like “Does marriage counseling work?” you shouldn’t wait too long to seek professional assistance. Here is an article that attempts to answer your questions regarding marriage counseling and its feasibility. It also provides you some useful insight on how marriage counseling work and how a counselor is chosen based on the past track record.

Does marriage counseling work? Yes, only when you choose a good marriage counselor, who has a great past record of mending troubled relationship. However, good counseling can be created with an active participation from both you and the counselors. Before trying to contact a marriage counselor, try to answer these questions:

Tip: Be honest how you answer these questions, as they can influence the outcome of marriage counseling.

• When did you marry? Was it an early age? What was the age of your spouse when married?

• What is the level of education that you and your spouse possess? Graduate or School level?

• What is your income level? Are you from a high income bracket?

• What is your working experience? Have you worked for a long time? Are you a jobless person? If yes, how long?

• Did you marry your spouse in an inter-faith marriage?

• When was the first discord detected? Was it really bad?

• Did your parents divorce and did you have a bad childhood, as a result of this incident?

• Do you criticize one another on a consistent basis? Do you quarrel with each other? Is it really serious?

• Are you withdrawn with your spouse? If yes, since how many days?

• Do you hate each other? Or is it just a contempt?

• How do you treat your children? Do you both mingle with your children?

• Do you still live together? Or have you rented out separate houses?

Once you answer all these questions, you need to make a neat list of answers, as these are the type of questions that will be asked by a marriage counselor. The success or failure of your marriage counseling depends entirely on the answers that are provided by you. Does marriage counseling work? Possibly Yes, Only, if you provide complete answers to all these probing questions. If you have answered in a negative to all the above questions, then you’re at a higher risk for divorce than those couples who have meaningful expectations of one another. So, you may need to rush to the nearest marriage counselor.

Does marriage counseling work? Though many experts still believe that marriage counseling is not as effective and result oriented as people think, it is estimated that more number of women have benefited from this exercise. However, experts also believe that marriage counseling does not work on a permanent basis. There is a solace however; if you seek help before the problems become worse and acute, you have good chances of saving your marriage. Marriage counseling is useful to those couples who are young and are still in love. It also works well on those couples, who are open to therapy and suggestions. Does marriage counseling work? The answer is still uncertain, with many unknowns and imponderables coming in the way of a mutually agreeable settlement

Please visit my website to browse the resources I have gathered here for you and learn how they hold the secrets to turn your life around.If you’re particularly interested in marriage advice and counseling, then please click here to read more about “Secrets of Successful Marriage

I also recommend Save My Marriage Today! by Amy Waterman for additional help and guidance.

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Mary Shawe
About the Author:

Mary Shawe is the author of several books on marriage and relationships. Please visit her website to learn more.


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