Doctor For Whom?

Doctor For Whom?
double your dating
Image by andyi
Premium fashion dolls based on Doctor Who characters. I just don’t know who these things are for.

I understand action figures. They’re cheap, and these days, they’re so nicely modeled and painted that they’re like little sculptures that you can pose like they’re trying to scale the sides of your iMac screen.

I also understand statues. It’s an offshoot of the maxim that one day a geek reaches A Certain Age when he’s still allowed to have posters up on the wall, but he’s expected to have them in frames. Statues are another way to decorate with some of your favorite characters, only they’re expressed in a particularly dynamic and detailed execution.

I get those things. Figuratively and literally, he said, eyeing the Jim Lee Batman statue on the shelf to his left. But…

Oh, holy ****. I’ve just found these dolls online. 9 for the Doctor. THE COAT is an extra !


I mean, for cripes’ sake…! If you want to see the Doctor and Martha Jones double-dating with Barbie and Ken, I’m sure that there’s some slashfic out there online somewhere. You’ll experience all of the shame of taking a fun TV show too far and you won’t have spent 0.