Do YOU think some girls get nervous dating RICH MEN?

Question by Couch Potato: Do YOU think some girls get nervous dating RICH MEN?
It has been almost impossible for me to connect with and understand the problems of real people.

I was born with a silver spoon & all my friends come from a sheltered life.

I met a girl who is lower middle class. I like her a lot so I buy her expensive gifts like diamonds. At first she thought I was trying to buy her for some reason but I just buy her nice things because it makes her happy, and since I like her so much, I like to see her happy.

She’s insecure about her lack of wealth, but I don’t care if shes not rich. She won’t even admit she doesn’t have a car and lies about her money.

She’s more use to me now, but she use to get EXTREMELY nervous in front of me & would talk at a million miles per hour all flustered.

I don’t understand why wealth would be intimidating.

Don’t say I’m getting “played.” Not trying to be arrogant, but seriously, buying diamonds for me is like buying something off the dollar menu at mcdonalds for most. I have A LOT to offer any woman for the rest of her life not just a few gifts over several months.

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I do not think so! She may be a bit shy! give her time to get to know you, and enjoy life.

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